Family lawyers in Malaga

family lawyers in malaga

Malaga Family Lawyers

Marriage Law

Marriage and matrimonial property regime. Divorces and separations. Couples indeed. Custodies, visits and alimony.

Inheritances and Successions

Inheritance management. Constitution and challenge of wills. Representation and defense of heirs. Division and taxation of the hereditary estate.


Guardianships, curatorships and guards of incapable people. Defense of the incapable in all kinds of procedures. Patrimonial regime.

Filiation and paternity

Claiming and challenging paternity. Post motherland and alimony. National and international adoption. Custody and visitation regime.

Álvarez Ramos Lawyers is a Malaga family law firm specialized in everything related to this legal branch. Within this field, we solve problems related to marriage law (divorces, separations, custody, etc.), inheritances and wills, incapacity of persons, and filiation and adoption. We are experts in family law and we know how to work the cases that our clients request from us, but we are also economical and we have quite affordable prices.

You can know more specifically what we do by consulting the small sections that follow. If you are interested in contacting us to ask any questions about our services, use the form or contact information below and our family lawyers will send you a free report with the budget to collect, the possibilities of the case, and a meeting date (if you consider it appropriate) in which to detail your matter.

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