Malaga inheritance lawyers

Inheritance Law Firm in Malaga

Specialists in inheritance law: inheritance processing, defenses for heirs, inventories and partitions of property, wills, etc.

We are an inheritance law firm in Malaga specialized in all kinds of matters related to inheritance and inheritance law. We process both management and defense matters of our clients' interests in the courts of justice.

Malaga inheritance lawyers

Services we offer.

  • Inheritance management and processing. Carrying out all the formalities and procedures necessary for the processing of inheritances: obtaining certificates, carrying out an inventory and partition of assets, signing before a notary, filing taxes, etc.
  • Defense and judicial representation in proceedings before the courts of justice. Inventories and judicial partitions of inheritances, challenge of wills, hereditary collation, etc.

Way of working with our firm.

If you want to work with our inheritance lawyers, you can contact us by phone, email or using the contact form that you will find on this page. Give us a brief description of your case and the services you need from us and we will send you a budget for our work.

You can also, if you wish, arrange a meeting in our Malaga office and speak personally with our lawyers.


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