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We are a team of business consulting lawyers specialized in all branches of law related to the business and business world. We have extensive knowledge and experience in sectors such as tax law, commercial law, labor law, industrial property, and we also work in fields not strictly related to law such as economics, marketing and business administration. We help those companies that have a legal problem to solve it in the most efficient way, and we offer information to clients looking to develop or take advantage of a business opportunity. In both cases our answer is the same: we offer a budget with the breakdown of our fees for free, and if accepted we get to work.


Business consulting

What services do we offer as business consultants?

We can divide our services into the following fields:

  • Legal issues that need to be resolved. We solve issues that range from the most strict and technical company law, through problems with the Treasury and other administrations and of course everything related to commercial law and conflicts with the competition, customers and suppliers of the company.
  • Legal information aimed at those companies that want to undertake a business opportunity. We speak of pure business consulting in this case, and we carry it out by issuing all kinds of reports or certificates that, in a clear and well-argued way, offer the client the information they need to carry out their business activity.
  • Companies or entrepreneurs who have doubts about whether their current activity complies with the law and need a legal certification that this is (or is not) true. Here we work mainly within the field of tax and tax law, which is the one that usually casts the most doubts due to its complexity, but we also do it without problems in the other branches of law that we work, including, of course, commercial and civil law. labor or administrative.
  • Carrying out general business operations. In this case, we are talking both about important steps (acquisitions, mergers or excisions of companies, bankruptcy, etc.) and less serious but equally relevant procedures (drafting of contracts of any kind, processing of licenses, attendance at meetings of partners, etc.) .
  • General legal advice. Issuance of any type of information and legal advice addressed to companies or entrepreneurs. Whether in the form of telephone conversations, internal or external meetings, or emails and other written means.

What is our way of working?

The first thing we need is the information about the services that our office requires. Once you send it to us (by phone, email or through a personal meeting), we will let you know how we can help your company and, after a few days unless the case deserves urgency, we will provide you with a closed and free estimate. commitment for our work. From the moment you have the budget in your hands, you can consider whether to accept or reject our services, putting us to work in the first case and accepting your decision in the second case.

From that moment on, and if the answer has been affirmative, we will draw up a contract in which all the contracting conditions are clear (job description, payments and form thereof, deadlines for execution of the service, etc.) and we will begin with the commission entrusted.

In short, if you need a law firm specialized in business consulting, contact us and we will try to help you in the best way possible.


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