Download models, templates and legal forms

Download models, templates and legal forms

Our law firm offers the following models, templates and legal forms free of charge so that they can be used by the public for free. All models are supervised by lawyers specialized in the sector, present a good legal quality and are updated to the latest legislative developments. In case you are considering using any of these writings for your personal or professional matters, We inform you of the following notes:

  1. These documents and models are licensed Creative Commons of Recognition 3.0 Spain (CC BY 3.0 EN). This means that you can freely use the content for your personal and even professional affairs at your own pleasure and will, but with only one condition: acknowledge the authorship of its creator, in this case ÁLVAREZ RAMOS ABOGADOS. It is enough for us to link this web page or leave it expressed in the writing that the authorship of the writing belongs to this office. We have intellectual property attorneys that they will not hesitate to act otherwise.
  2. Due to the free nature of this content, we are not responsible of the defects or faults that can be found in the models, or of the bad or improper use that can be made of them by third parties.
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Download free templates, templates and legal forms

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