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El Business Law o Corporate was born as a result of the rise of corporate legal personality in recent decades, and has developed throughout these years with the idea of ​​providing mercantile companies and other entities that have this character with a specific and separate regulatory regulation of the particular, in the same way that specific and separate from the particular its essential characteristics, its social activities or its legal obligations are shaped.

Due to this special regulation, it seems essential for companies and mercantile companies -whether small, medium or large- to have a constant legal advice that can lead to economic benefits as a result of time and expense savings. An advice that, on the other hand, and with the aim of being totally efficient, must always be carried out in a general way in all the branches in which the company or society may have interests - commercial, labor, tax, etc. - rather than in a formal way. separate and specific for each of them.

En Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We work in all the legal sectors that may be related to companies and companies in Merantiles, which is why we are able to offer precise and solvent advice on Company Law matters, making the different regulations compatible to offer general, practical and real solutions. We know first hand as a company that we are the details of the commercial, management and administrative activities that must be carried out in them, and we work from it obtaining our own quality in our services. We bring benefit to the companies we work with, and that is what we offer.

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Company Law

Constitution and administration of civil and commercial companies. Shareholders' meeting and social agreements. Transfer of shares and social participations.

Tax Law

Taxation and taxation of companies. Personification, representation and defense in tax inspections. Business tax management.

Labor and

Company work planning. Management and drafting of contracts and payroll. Representation and defense in labor procedures. Social Security

Commercial Law

Drafting and management of commercial contracts. Representation and defense in commercial proceedings. Industrial Property of the company.

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