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Competition law firm

Our competition law firm specializes in this field and in others related to commercial and company law. We have lawyers and specialists from other sectors (economists, auditors, etc.) who can help you solve your problem in the best possible way.


competition law lawyers

What services do we offer?

We can handle any type of case related to competition law, but more specifically we are specialized in the following matters:

  • Agreements and cartels between important companies in the sector for setting prices.
  • Strategic and planned distribution of clients and suppliers.
  • The sale below cost price aimed at eliminating competitors.
  • Abuses of dominant position.
  • Constitution of monopolies or oligopolies through commercial agreements.
  • In general, any set of actions or omissions aimed at limiting the competition of one or more companies in a sector in an unfair manner.

The applicable regulations, in most of these cases, are contained in the Law 15/2007 on the Defense of Competition and in the Unfair Competition Law 3/1991. Legislation that must be studied and interpreted in accordance with the jurisprudential standards found in Spanish and European courts.

Competition law can be revealed in two ways: administrative and commercial.

For the first good the National Competition Commission or the delegated bodies of the Autonomous Communities They have the standing to investigate and punish conduct that violates competition law. In this case, the procedures are usually formalized through an administrative procedure that requires an optimal defense and that can be appealed before the courts of justice.

For the second, any interested party can resort to the Commercial courts competent for the purposes of filing lawsuits aimed at punishing actions contrary to the competition law of other companies, and may also interest the corresponding compensation. Through these legal procedures, which require a mandatory lawyer and attorney, a judicial resolution is obtained that may or may not condemn the company in court to refrain from taking certain actions and to pay the required compensation.

How do we handle competition law matters in a practical way?

Taking into account the complexity of this type of matter, it is important that, prior to preparing any type of procedure, you send us a description of your matter and all the documentation that you may have in your possession. From that moment on we will be able to offer you an opinion formed on the feasibility of your case and a closed budget for our services, all for free.

In case you are interested in our conditions, we will begin to work, making our lawyers and other specialists available to you and your matter. If you want to ask us any questions or ask us for a budget for your matter, you can use the following means of contact at your service.


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