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El Consumer Law It was born with the idea of ​​responding to conflicts and problems that arise between companies that offer products in the goods and services market and the users that purchase them, specifically targeting their content to protect the interests of consumers, and forcing the offering companies to comply with certain special obligations that may balance the balance in favor of people who purchase services and products from large companies.

Taking this idea into account, it is understood that the problems arising from this type of conflict are as extensive and varied as the totality of the products and services that companies offer and users consume. For this reason and for an effective resolution of legal conflicts in relation to consumer law, in addition to an important and solvent legal and legal knowledge, proven experience in the practice of a market as characteristic as that of consumer goods and services.


En Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We are aware of this need, which is why we base our legal intelligence on the experience that we obtain from other branches of law and on the general knowledge of the legal sectors that are related to Consumer Law. We develop business legal advisory services and know in a significant way commercial law, so we are able to understand how conflicts arise between companies and consumers and what solution they have once they have started.

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Purchases and acquisitions of products physically or online. Defective or damaged products. Guarantees not fulfilled in establishments.


Claims for the defense of consumers of all kinds of services. Telephony, electricity, airlines and hospitality, training, etc.


Defense of consumers of banking products in judicial and administrative proceedings. Abusive clauses and products.


Protection of the rights of consumers of insurance plans and coverage. Home, death, vehicle insurance, etc.

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