Divorce lawyers in Malaga

divorce lawyers malaga

Divorce lawyers in Malaga

Community property

We advise the spouses and mediate between their interests looking for fair and equitable economic agreements. We carry out the separation of assets after the divorce.

Guard and custody

We carry out agreements for the guardianship and custody of the children, whether they are older or younger, in cases where they are within the marriage.


We advise in relation to the pensions that come between the spouses by reason of the end of the marriage, including those for child support.


If it is impossible to reach agreements, we defend our clients with the idea of ​​obtaining the best possible sentence regarding the separation of assets, child custody and custody, and pensions.

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One of the most frequent problems related to the civil life of people is related to marital crisis. Most of these crises end with temporary reconciliations or separations, but sometimes one of the spouses (or both) wants to break the marriage and divorce becomes inevitable.

From this point on, there are two possible choices: either an economic and personal agreement is reached, or there are the typical disputes of this type of procedure. In either case, it will always be necessary to lawyer like a solicitor, but in the second cases (and especially when there are children involved) it is when his presence will be more important than ever.

En Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We can mix the necessary quality in our services with prices that are quite economic and reasonable. We have experienced divorce attorneys in these types of cases, and our budgets are not overly high. For mutually agreed divorces, our price is 300 euros per couple with attorney included. For divorces without mutual agreement, each budget is unique, so you can consult us by phone or through this link.

If you are interested in hiring our services or ask us any questions, you can contact us through the information below.


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