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Intellectual and Industrial Property

The rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property They aim to regularize these two very specific types of property, with an emphasis on the defense and protection of intellectual assets -literary, artistic or scientific works- and of industrial assets -brands, patents, inventions, designs, etc.-. In this way, these two very specific legal branches are in charge of standardizing and establishing what happens -among many other cases- when someone makes improper use of an intellectual or industrial asset; when an owner wishes to license or assign the use of his property to an interested party; or when the typical situations of impersonation and / or ursurpation of brands and other commercial identifying images occur.

Therefore, it seems essential for all legal professionals who work with these branches not only to have a solid legal basis from experience, but also to have an updated and accurate knowledge of new technologies and new business and industry models, for being around these where Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights are developed in a clearer way.

En Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We are aware of these variables, which is why we characterize ourselves when practicing the branches of the Industrial and Intellectual Property from an updated and modern perspective of the law, trying to anticipate the needs of our clients by providing clear and forward-looking solutions. We legally advise with these ideas and resolve legal conflicts based on them, obtaining benefits in the assets of our clients and in the development of their business ventures. We do not limit ourselves to providing a diligent legal service; We work by committing ourselves directly to the idea of ​​obtaining a clear and direct beneficial result for our customers.

If you have any questions or queries about intellectual and industrial property rights, use the form or contact information below and our lawyers will respond free of charge. If you are interested in our advocacy services, please let us know and we will send you a free quote in which we will explain the possibilities of your case and the answer to all your questions.




Registration and defense of trademarks and trade names. Drafting and supervision of contracts. Protection in legal proceedings.

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Registration procedures for patents and other industrial designs before the OEPM. License agreements. Defense in court.


General advice in relation to the treatment of business know-how. License agreements and know-how transmission.

Confidential information

Defense and lawsuit in proceedings for violation of confidential business information. Drafting of license contracts.

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