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Since its creation and development throughout the fourteenth century, Labor Law or Labor and it has become a faithful reflection of the sometimes peaceful and always incessant struggle of the business and working classes, and as a consequence, as a good gauge of the political and social situation of a given country or State. Determinants such as boom times and economic crisis or legislative policies more or less favorable to each of the two large social sectors have contributed - and continue to do so - to mold a Labor Law each time in a more rapid and constant reform.

For this reason and when facing a legal problem with this characteristic branch of law, it is considered necessary a professional who has a solid knowledge of the norm, resulting from the study of cases from different perspectives and the result of experiences as advisers and lawyers on both sides. of the contractual employment relationship.

En Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We are used to working with individuals but also with companies, so we can offer a service characterized by being able to understand first-hand not only labor law but also company law. We know the weak and strong points of both parts of the labor relationship, and for this reason we can offer a first quality service to our clients, whatever their nature.

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Representation and defense of workers in dismissal procedures. General advice in periods before and after dismissal.

Terms of use

Protection of the rights of the worker in the modifications of labor and work conditions. General advice and defense in courts.

Accident Insurance

Claims before the courts in liability procedures for accidents suffered in the workplace. Execution of sentences.

Social security

Advice and defense of the worker in obtaining Social Security benefits. Temporary and permanent disabilities. Unemployment benefit.

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