Traffic accident lawyers in Malaga

Law firm of traffic accidents in Malaga

We are a team of lawyers for traffic accidents in Malaga experts in claims against insurance companies. We help our clients to obtain the greatest possible compensation derived from this type of damage, always trying firstly the way of negotiation but knowing that if necessary we will be able to go to the courts with all the necessary guarantees. Our fees, if you wish, we will charge at the end and as a percentage of the amount obtained.


Traffic accident lawyers in Malaga

Who is entitled to compensation?

According to Royal Legislative Decree 8/2004, of October 29, approving the revised text of the Law on civil liability and insurance in the movement of motor vehiclesThe following persons are entitled to compensation:

  • The driver who is not guilty of the accident, including cyclists and even if insurance is not available in order.
  • The occupants of a vehicle who are not drivers, even if they are not present in the vehicle at fault for the accident.
  • Pedestrians, in case there has been personal injury against them.
  • In all cases, we claim both personal and material damages that may proceed.

How do we work on traffic accident claims?

The first thing we do is contact the insurer in order to see the amount they are willing to get, and then we proceed to communicate it to the client. As a result, we obtain a first contact that will serve us for the rest of the negotiations. In the event that we understand that the compensation reported is considerably less than what is appropriate, we carry out a medical report of the damages, we count our amount and finally we offer it to the insurer.

From here three things can happen. The first is that the insurance company accept the amounts that we ask for in full. The second, that we partially accept it. And the third, that we completely dismiss it. Based on said response and always with the consent and acceptance of the client, we decide whether to reach an agreement or to proceed through the courts claiming all that corresponds. Contact us and we will advise you in the best possible way.


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