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Bankia stock lawyers in Malaga


You provide us with the basic information of your contract (amount invested and date of the investment) and we offer you the cost of our fees and the possibilities of your case.


If you agree with our offer, we first carry out a friendly claim to the bank, in order to try to get the money out of court. We do not accept or reject anything without your consent.


If the negotiations do not bear fruit (it is usually the most common) we begin the judicial procedure writing the corresponding demand and presenting it in the civil courts of Malaga.

Our Process

Once the court summons the parties to do so, we represent judicially to the client throughout the process and until the end of it, including possible appeals in second instance from any of the parties.

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The latest court rulings have confirmed suspicions that the Bankia IPO in 2011 it is more than contrary to law. Investors who deposited their money with the financial institution did so, among other things, because Bankia's advertising showed this bank as a solvent and totally reliable company.

This deceptive marketing added to the fraud of falsification of accounts does that the investments can be considered null for vices in the consent. What does this mean? Very simply, that the people who invested part of their money in Bankia's shares can, if they have a correct judicial defense, recover all their money. It is at that time when the need to have a good law firm of Bankia shares lawyers in Malaga becomes necessary, and where we act.

As Bankia stock lawyers in Malaga, we are, in Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We are specialized in recovering the money from investors by canceling the contract agreed between consumer and company. We are therefore used to handling this type of case and obtaining favorable judgments for the interested parties who request it.

Yes, it is important to keep in mind that not all cases will be reclaimable, so we offer everyone who comes to our office an iFree feasibility report in which we express the possibilities of each specific case, and of course its cost or budget. If you are interested in this report or want to ask us any questions regarding Bankia's actions, you can use the contact details expressed below.


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