Bankruptcy lawyers in Malaga

bankruptcy attorneys in malaga

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Malaga

Prior advice

Preliminary measures for the best conduct of the contest. Estimation of the need to declare the contest. Statement writing.

Defense of the bankrupt

Representation and defense of the debtor during all phases of the bankruptcy. Negotiations with the Insolvency Administration and creditors.

Defense of the creditor

Defense of the rights of creditors in the bankruptcy phases. Challenge and recognition of credits. Execution of guarantees.


Liability actions against administrators for action or omission. Defense of the administrators during the contest.

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Álvarez Ramos Lawyers is a bankruptcy law firm in Malaga specialized in this field and its variants. We develop legal advisory services and resolution of legal problems in all phases of the bankruptcy, from its voluntary or necessary declaration to its completion either by agreement or liquidation of the company.

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