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Law firm of property sales in Malaga

«We help you guarantee the success of the purchase or sale of your property, without legal worries or insecurities»

We are a Malaga law firm specialized in civil, tax, urban and real estate law. We perform advisory and assistance services in real estate purchase and sale operations of all kinds, from the most general cases (houses, premises and other urban farms) to those more specific and different (buildings, land and other rural farms, etc.). If you need a lawyer to accompany you in your real estate operation, below you can find information on how we work.

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How do we develop our services?

Our services depend largely on the needs of our clients, limiting ourselves to one or the other as required. In general, we develop services in all these fields:

  • Administration and urban planning. We carry out all the necessary work of study and consultation of the urban and administrative status of the property. We ensure that there are no planning or administrative sanctions (derived from taxes) on the property, which is on developable land, and of course it has all the appropriate public licenses.
  • Registry. We carry out consultation tasks in the Property Registry in order to study the possible presence of liens, easements, mortgages or other relevant registry charges. We verify by simple note that the seller is the owner for the purposes of the Property Registry, and that he has sufficient legitimacy to dispose of the property.
  • Civil. We draft the contracts that are necessary in order to formalize the sale. Down payment, guarantee, signal, etc. contracts. We accompany the client in such contracts, in order to ensure that the transaction is carried out in order.
  • Fiscal. We prepare before the operation the tax expenses related to the sale, advising the client on the taxes that he will have to pay and the amounts that will correspond in this concept. We formalize and present the corresponding tax declarations.
  • Management. We present all the necessary administrative documents in order to formalize the purchase and sale operation, first with the tax agencies, and second with the Property Registry with the idea that it is duly registered.

Any of these services, all or part of them, may be requested by the client to be budgeted for and performed by this office.

Problems related to the sale of real estate that we solve

There are many conflicts and problems arising from the sale of real estate that our office works, from the most generic and simple to others that are more complicated and complex. Below we make a brief list of some of the most frequent.

  • Related to earnest. The seller cancels the contract but does not return the signal or guarantee obtained by the buyer, or the latter cancels and demands the return of his deposit, etc.
  • Related to sale transaction as such. The buyer does not pay the money in full, the house has defects or is occupied, etc.
  • Related to administration. Urban or any type of problems, urban sanctions, demolition orders, embargoes, etc.
  • Related with tax matters. Parallel liquidations of the Treasury, penalties for improperly declaring the capital gain in the Personal Income Tax, etc.

Frequently asked questions about our services

Is it possible to order only some of the services related to the sale or purchase, or must all the management be acquired in full?

There is no problem in being charged with very specific and specific matters on an individual basis. There are clients who, for whatever reason, do not need or want a lawyer to make the down payment contract, or to do the registry investigation, or to present the documentation in the Land Registry. Ask us for any service you want and we will make you a personalized quote.

What is the price for your services?

Our prices obviously depend on what we are asked to do. Contact us by telling us your case briefly and what you need from us and, within a few business days, we will send you a closed estimate without obligation.

Do you carry out commercial real estate operations?

No, we are not a real estate agency nor do we dedicate ourselves to it. We do not have real estate for sale or carry out similar marketing tasks.

Can you carry out operations in English?

Yes, we carry out operations in both Spanish and English, at no added cost or expense.

Can I have a prior meeting before deciding whether to work with you?

Yes, there is no problem in having a free, no obligation meeting for you to meet us personally before deciding whether or not to work with us. Contact us and request an appointment for these purposes.


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