Lawyers of soil clause in Malaga

Law firm of soil clause in Malaga

"We charge around 10% of the amounts, without having to pay us anything in advance"

Our floor clause law firm in Malaga is specialized in the nullity of these abusive clauses. We claim and obtain both the nullity of the clause itself and the return of the corresponding amounts. We have won by means of favorable judgments to practically all the typical banks in the province of Malaga, since we have lawyers and economists who help us procure the best defense for our clients. We have cheap and flexible prices, being able to charge at the end of the procedure for a percentage of what you get.

soil clause lawyers in malaga

What conditions must a floor clause meet to be illegal?

The Supreme Court Judgment of May 9, 2013 expressed the bases by which the soil clauses included in the mortgage loans could be considered illegal. There are many variables and very different, but in general and in summary we can say that all the floor clauses that comply will be illegal. any of the following conditions:

  • The fact that not directly negotiated and specifically with the consumer. In other words, the operation of the clause has not been specifically explained to the consumer (either verbally or with documentation).
  • That they have not been provided to the consumer comparisons between products with and without floor clauses. That is, that simulations of products with and without a floor clause have been delivered to them in order to compare how this affects the mortgage loan.
  • That has not been provided to the client Binding offer when this is mandatory. It is compulsory in all loans formalized from December 8, 2007 to October 28, 2011 that are less than € 150.000.
  • That the clause is found camouflaged or hidden within the rest of the mortgage loan conditions.
  • Similarly, all those clauses that are hardly readable or understandable by an average consumer of financial products. Economic knowledge should not be required to formalize this type of contract.

In summary, if in your day you did not know about the existence of the floor clause, or knew it but did not know how it works and nobody bothered to explain it to you, it is very likely that you can claim the amounts you have overpaid because of this clause. We explain below how we work.

How do we develop the procedure?

First we make a extrajudicial claim through burofax addressed to the financial institution, in order to comply with the obligation according to the Royal Decree Law 1/2017 of January 20, of urgent consumer protection measures in terms of floor clauses. If the answer is affirmative on the part of the entity, settled matter. If it is negative, we go to the judicial route for the purposes of, in a somewhat slow but comfortable and simple procedure for the client, we can obtain the amounts to which we are entitled.

What is the price of our fees?

Our prices depend on the quantity to be claimed, since those cases in which the client can obtain three thousand euros are not the same as those in which he may obtain thirty thousand. The responsibility is not the same and what we obtain via court costs is not the same. In general, our fees will be 10% of the amounts that the judicial costs are obtained more if we obtain them, but they can be different in each specific case. Yes there is one thing assured, and that is if you don't want you do not have to pay us anything in advance.

In case you are interested in hiring floor clause lawyers in Malaga, contact us. To do this, use the contact information you have on the right side of this page. We will answer all your questions for free, without obligation and as soon as possible.

What is your degree of success in these claims?

To be honest, these types of cases are not very complicated or complex for lawyers. It is enough to do the work diligently and not to forget deadlines or make important mistakes to obtain a totally favorable sentence. This makes our success rate is close to 100% (around 98-99%, being more concrete) having as the most “victims” entities such as Unicaja, Caixabank, Banco Popular, BBVA or Cajamar.


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