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Lawyers of dismissals in Malaga

Case study

We carry out a preliminary study of the free case with the possibilities of obtaining a favorable judgment and the costs associated with it.


We develop negotiation activities with the other party in order to reach a more favorable agreement for both of them than can be a judgment.

Judicial procedement

If the negotiations do not come to fruition, we initiate the judicial procedure by means of the demand brief and we will represent you in it until its conclusion.


If there are resources of any kind by any of the parties to superior courts, we will also represent you in these for the same price.

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In an economic situation as complicated as the current one, it is frequent to find many people who sooner or later have to face a situation of dismissal from their job position. Companies have the right to terminate the employment relationship through dismissal, but the worker has the right to have it done in accordance with legal regulations and to comply with its formal and material requirements. Given all this, the fundamental fight will generally be that of if the dismissal is considered appropriate (and even disciplinary) or inadmissible.

In cases of dismissal arising or inadmissible, this difference will be the one that will be able to get an economic compensation for the worker for the dismissal, the one that will prevent the company from paying compensation amounts, and in short, the one that will determine which part is right and therefore wins the judicial procedure. For other cases there will be other key points, and it will be those that must take care of themselves to obtain a favorable result in the specific matter.

En Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We are experts in everything related to these and other fundamental differences that can make you win or lose a dismissal procedure, and we are fully prepared to face any labor law procedure either from the perspective of the worker or from the perspective of the company. We know how each other works, and we can use that information for your specific case.

If you have any job-related or layoff-related problem that you need to resolve, you can contact us using the form below or by calling our office phone. We will send you a budget that you are sure to find quite inexpensive and we will answer any questions you may have at no cost. If you want to make a particular query to us, you can access the "Free Consultations" section of this website and make it.


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