Lawyers for breaches of contracts in Malaga

Law firm for breaches of contracts in Malaga.

We are a team of lawyers for breaches of contracts in Malaga, and we are specialized in the processing of judicial and extrajudicial procedures related to breach of contracts. We work, among others, the following types of contracts:

  • Civil: Leases, sale of furniture or real estate, works and services, loans and acknowledgments of debt, banking, easements and other real rights, intellectual property, etc.
  • Trade: Pacts and agreements of partners, commercial sales, franchises, commissions and franchises, trademark licenses and other industrial property, advertising and commercial relations, etc.

lawyers breach contracts

How do we work with our clients?

We adapt to the interests of the clients. There is always the possibility of claiming out of court in order to try to obtain a positive response, and in many cases this is enough. In others, with the consent of the client, we are forced to go to court to obtain the rights that correspond to them.

Out of court We are mainly dedicated to trying a friendly contact with the opposing party by phone call or email, and to draft and send a reliable request (burofax) that can serve as evidence before the courts in case it is denied. In case the first approach is positive, we can carry out the necessary negotiations to achieve a successful agreement between the parties.

By judicial means We develop all our services as a law firm, counting on the services of a solicitor and directing the legal defense of our clients in the courts. We prepare the corresponding claim or answer to the claim and present it in a timely manner to continue with the procedural course of the courts, either prior hearing and subsequent hearing, or only verbal hearing in minor cases; all this until the final sentence that ends the procedure.

What is the price for our services?

Obviously, each issue deserves its study and specific budget, so we cannot offer general amounts. We are transparent in our prices, so that before contracting with us you will know, with total security, what is the final cost of working with our lawyers. In that case and if you are interested in obtaining this closed budget, you can tell us about your matter and explain what you need from us to receive, without any kind of commitment and for free, a fixed price for our services.

What do you have to do if you want to work with us?

If you need a law firm to resolve your breach of contract matter, contact us through the routes you will find on this page. You can make an appointment with our lawyers or have a telephone conversation (or by email) with which, after knowing your case in detail and studying your documentation, we will be able to offer you our impressions on the matter and a closed budget with the cost that you corresponds.


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