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Once you provide us with the documents of your case we offer you a free report in which we inform you of the cost of our fees in case of collecting the debt.


If you agree with our offer, we first carry out a friendly claim, in order to try to get some kind of negotiation in this way. We do not accept or reject anything without your consent.


In the event that the negotiations do not bear fruit, we draft e we file a demand for payment order before the courts of justice.

Our Process

Once the court summons the parties to do so, we represent judicially to the client throughout the process and until the end of it, including other possible derived procedures.

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One of the most important problems that Spanish companies have is the amount of debt that is owed to them. To the famous possibility of charging late and badly is joined, on too many occasions, by not charging at all. To fix this point, the procedure that gives title to this page was created.

The order for payment procedure is a mechanism by which any individual or company that has in favor a liquid, due and due debt can be made to pay as quickly as possible. It begins with a very clear premise: the existence of the debt is proved with the document in question (invoices, delivery notes, etc.) and the debtor is obliged to pay it. This will only have three possibilities: pay, not pay, and declare insolvent

Taking into account that in the first case there will be no problem, it is in the remaining two cases that the need for a good law firm who knows how to act in each case. This is where we offer good added value to our clients.

En Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We have knowledge and experience in the branches of civil, commercial and company law - which are the ones that are most related to this type of procedure - and we apply it in each of the payment procedures that we initiate. That is why we are comfortable in applying the idea of ​​"charging a percentage of what you get", and of not receiving anything if we achieve nothing.

On the other hand, we make it clear that we are not a recovery company but a law firm, so that our working method, without being either better or worse, is simply another.

If you have a debt to claim and are interested in hiring our services for it, you can contact us with the means that are expressed below. We will send you a audiovisual of your case without cost or commitment, and you can decide with all the information whether or not you find our proposal interesting.


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