Lawyers of neighborhood communities in Malaga

lawyers from neighboring communities in malaga

Lawyers neighboring communities malaga


Making, legalizing and challenging agreements from the owners' meeting. Void agreements and / or contrary to the law or community statutes.


Community administration. Making and entering into agreements. Presidency and supervision of owners' boards. Adaptation of statutes and agreements to current legislation.

Annoying activities

Negotiation, complaints and lawsuits for all kinds of annoying activities that are illegal or contrary to statutes. Noises, construction work, improper use of common elements, etc.

Non-payment of quotas

Extrajudicial and judicial claims to obtain payment of community fees. Declaratory and enforcement procedures before the courts of law.

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Hen/Stag owners' They have been created from the Horizontal Property Law as a very important legal fiction for the regulation of relations of coexistence between people linked together by some neighborhood bond. Taking the aforementioned law as a starting point, Spanish residents are usually divided into different communities so that each is the owner of their own property but also of different elements of the community (such as stairs, portals, supplies , elevators, pools and other entertainment venues, and a long etcetera).

Taking all this into account, it is entirely logical and practically inevitable that they arise conflicts of interest between different neighbors, especially in those communities where the number is quite high. Either by the will of a minority that is not reflected in the rest and that still wants to break through; either due to the improper use by some owners of the common elements of the community; either for typical reasons of coexistence such as works, noise and other neighborhood nuisances; Even today it is very difficult to enjoy a peaceful and troubled community of owners.

For all this and to face all these legal conflicts, in Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We find it absolutely essential to have a legal professional who is aware of the legal regulations that affect the communities of owners, and who has experience in dealing with them. In this way, we bring to our service not only lawyers who know the regulations in an up-to-date way, but also people who can solve problems from a real and practical point of view, without having to resort to unnecessary judicial procedures or dispensable bureaucratic procedures.

If you have any legal problem or if you are interested in us managing the administration of your community of owners, you can contact us using the contact details and the form below. We will send you a report without cost or commitment in which we will detail the audiovisual of your case, either you or your community of neighbors will be able to decide with all the information whether or not you find our proposal interesting.


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