Civil liability lawyers in Malaga

Civil liability law firm in Malaga

We are a Malaga law firm that works all kinds of matters related to civil liability, in its aspects of contractual liability and extra-contractual liability. Our firm has lawyers specialized in civil law and associate professionals from other branches (doctors, engineers, economists) that allow us to offer a high quality service to our clients, and we try to be as transparent and honest as possible with our feasibility reports. and budgets, with which any interested party can know the possibilities and cost of their matter without any type of commitment.

Malaga civil liability lawyers

Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability.

El Spanish Civil Code It offers, throughout its extensive articles, two major fields by which any person or company can claim civil liability to whoever has caused damage. The difference between these two options will depend on the relationship between claimant and claimed. Thus, we find the following:

  • Contractual liability. It will be given when there is any contract between the parties from which the damage is caused, mainly dealing with contracts that have not been fulfilled by one of its signatories, or agreements that have been carried out in a deficient or negligent manner. The number of possibilities is very extensive, but we can find as an example the execution of works or services in a poor way, the sale of goods that are in defective condition, claims for non-payments, problems in rental contracts, and a huge etcetera.
  • Tort liability. Contrary to the previous case, this type of responsibility exists when the damages do not come from any contract that binds the parties. This type of situation can also be very extensive, but the most common cases are traffic accidents; bumps and falls; dampness and other damage to movable and immovable property; or negligence such as medical in which there is no type of contract.

How are indemnities for civil liability calculated and claimed?

In order for compensation to be claimed, it must calculate previously. This calculation can be done in multiple ways, depending on one method or another on the type of liability in question. There is an official traffic accident scale that can be used as a guideline for a large majority of personal injuries, while property damages can be calculated with expert or technical reports that determine the repair costs that may correspond. Of course, our office can help you with any of these procedures.

Once the amount to be claimed is calculated, our way of proceeding It is usually the one to previously file an extrajudicial claim in which the counterpart is required to pay it within a period of a few days. If the answer is positive or there are negotiation possibilities, it can be value as long as the client accepts it; In the event that there is no answer or it is negative, we proceed through the courts.

What are our fees for these services?

Once again, it depends on each specific case and mainly on two variables: the amount to be claimed and the chances of success. If there are high chances of obtaining the appropriate compensation, we usually charge un percentage around 15%, although if the client wants we can also charge a fixed amount. In both cases, the amounts related to court costs are usually, if we win them, for the office.

We do not usually work giving surprises to clients with fees, nor do we like to charge a provisional amount and that the client does not know how much their procedure is going to cost until the end of the matter. Our budgets are always given before and in a concrete way, so that The client knows before starting the procedure what it will cost to work on their matter with us.

If you are interested in this way of working, you just have to contact us using the information you will find below or in the "Contact" section of this website. Once we receive all the necessary information and documentation, we will respond as soon as possible with the budget for our services. And at that moment you can, freely and without obligation, decide whether or not to continue with us.


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