Insurance lawyers in Malaga

malaga insurance lawyers

Insurance lawyers in Malaga

Personal Insurance Policies

Life insurances. Financial claims for compensation. Coverages. Health questionnaires.

Damage insurance

Home insurance and other assets. Fires and other accidents. Robberies. Transportation damage.

Traffic insurance

Accidents of traffic and circulation. Personal and economic damages. Vehicle repair. Personal compensation.

Other insurances

Multi-risks. Civil liability insurance (lawyers, doctors, buildings). Business insurance. Travelers insurance.

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All of us have some kind of insurance, and a good part of us must sooner or later and unfortunately use them. At that moment. It is possible that the contracted insurer will pay the amount that corresponds to him in a calm way and without giving problems, but the opposite may also happen. That is where we come in.

Álvarez Ramos Lawyers It is an office specialized in everything related to consumer law, civil law and commercial law, which is why we are used to dealing with financial entities, insurers and other similar entities. We always seek the best satisfaction of our clients, trying first to reach non-judicial agreements, but we do not hesitate to go to court if the situation requires it and our client prefers it.

Along with the quality of our services, we do not forget the economic aspects of them. We have some very affordable and transparent prices. We always budget the amount to be charged for each procedure, and only in the case that the client confirms his acceptance do we proceed to work on the case. We also offer free specific consultations for anyone who wants to access them.

In short, if you have any problem that is related to insurance or insurers, or any doubt that you want to resolve on this or any other legal issue, contact us without any problem. If you need our legal services, we will send you a free, no-obligation quote so that you can know how much the procedure costs you and so you can freely decide whether or not you want to work with us.


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