Leasing lawyers in Malaga

Leasing Law Firm in Malaga

We are a team of leasing lawyers in Malaga, specialized in all problems related to property rentals. We work by offering legal advice and representation to our clients, whether they are landlords or tenants, and seeking the best defense of their interests. Like all leasing lawyers, among the issues we carry are the negotiation and drafting of the rental agreement itself, bail claims if it is not paid unreasonably, evictions and claims for amounts due to non-payment or termination of the contract term, and other conflicts of interest that may result from any urban or rural lease.

Leasing lawyers in Malaga

What is our way of working?

Very easy. The first thing we do is a meeting in which the client must provide us with all the information and documentation we need to defend their interests correctly. If you do not want to move to our offices we can always do it by phone or even by email. From there we study the matter and offer you, with all honesty and clarity, our impressions about the chances of victory and the price we would charge to carry out the work.

If once this information is received, the client agrees and wants to count on us, we start working without further delay. If the answer is no, we deliver your documents to the client and we wish him the best of luck. In this way we offer the possibility to all those interested to speak with us, tell us your matter for free, and decide to use our services only if you are truly convinced of it. The result we get from working in this way is obvious: our clients are always happy to work with us, they trust our knowledge and experience, and thus we find more facilities to offer a great service.

What should you do if you are interested in working with us?

If you need a leasing lawyer in Malaga and are interested in sending us your matter so that we can study it for free, contact us through the channels that you will find in the right section of this page. You can send us an email or a message through our form and we will make an appointment for you when it suits you and our schedule allows it; and you can also of course call us by phone (during office hours) and ask us personally about this possibility. We will be happy to assist you.


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