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Trademark attorneys

Trademark Lawyers in Málaga


Processing of trademark registrations and trade names before the OEPM. Advice before and after registration about the legality of the brand.

Judicial defense

Defense and representation in legal proceedings related to trademark law. Compensation for damages.

Negotiations and licenses

License agreements and negotiations leads extrajudicial for the cessation of illegal actions or for the commercialization of the brand.

General advice

General advice for specific cases related to trademark law. Issuance of legality reports on trademarks and their actions.

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El trademark law It is, probably together with that of patents, the most recognizable and important in the field of industrial property. Whether it is to identify a product, a service or a company, brands are becoming more and more an essential factor in today's trade.

For all these reasons, it is very common to find in business practice numerous lawsuits related to copying, plagiarism or misappropriation of trademarks. Lawsuits in which the litigants fight not only to be able to use the brand in their products and / or services, but also to try to avoid both very important fines and compensation as well as the destruction of those goods that have been identified with the illegal brand.

Taking into account the importance of this highly specialized part of the law, in Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We have specialized industrial property personnel who can offer you advisory and defense services in all your trademark problems.

If you have any matter related to trademark law and are interested in our services, you can contact us using the contact details and the form below. We will send you a report without cost or commitment in which we will detail the audiovisual of your case, and you can decide with all the information whether or not you find our proposal interesting.


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