Banking Law

Banking Law

Floor clauses and other abusive clauses

Preferred shares

Mortgage and other bank contracts

Stock market contracts

Financial advice


Civil law

Family right

Divorces and separations


Filiation, adoption and paternity

Incapacitations, guardianships and curatelas

Food pensions and other economic measures



Labor and

Individual and collective dismissals

Drafting of contracts and other labor documents

Substantial modifications of working conditions

Quantity claims

Social security

Civil law

Civil Law

Liability for accidents and negligence

Claims for unpaid debts

Owners communities

Urban leases

Breach of contracts



Tax, Accounting and Administrative Law

Freelance and business advice

Administrative agency

Appeals against Administration sanctions

Patrimonial liability against the Administration



Commercial Law

Commercial Law


Commercial claims for non-payment of debts

Advertising and competition law

Collaboration contracts and franchises

Drafting and supervision of contracts


Business Law


Freelance and business advice

Responsibility of the administrators

General corporate law

Representation in all kinds of procedures


Real estate law

Real Estate Law

Owners communities

Real estate purchase and sale

Mortgages, easements and other real rights

Construction defects

Urbanism and Land Registry


Intellectual property

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Brands and patents

Drafting of license agreements

Data protection and content privacy

Legal proceedings

General advice