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El Real Estate Law was born and has been developing since its inception as a legal sector dedicated exclusively and decisively to the regulation of real estate or real estate, that is: urban and rural farms, communities of owners, apartments established under horizontal property regime, and a wide etcetera.

Due to this very specific and specialized field of application, the studies and experience of the legal professional who faces a legal problem related to this legal branch must cover, together with the regulations that regulate it, an exhaustive and detailed knowledge of the real estate market. and the patterns - not so much legal, but economic and / or architectural - that condition it.

En Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We are aware of these important variables, so in relation to real estate law we carry out a professional activity characterized by its value when it comes to providing non-theoretical, but practical and efficient solutions in a market as variable as real estate.

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Real estate contracts

Purchases, leases, swaps, usufructs and other contracts and real rights over farms, homes and other real estate.

Property management

Administration of all types of movable and immovable property. Management, advice and resolution of conflicts related to real estate.


Administration and management of communities of owners. Claims for non-payment of quotas. Challenge of owners' board agreements.


Foreclosure and tenant eviction procedures. Executions for easements and other real rights.

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