Default and debt lawyers in Malaga

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Default and Debt Lawyers in Malaga

In recent years and due to the appearance and development of the still present economic crisis, the unpaid debts It has shown one of its highest peaks in the entire Spanish legal history. Either because the debtors cannot cope with the payments, or because they prefer to dedicate that money to cover the most basic needs and those that give greater importance, the existence of these types of affairs - luckily, increasingly decreasing - is far from to disappear from the courts of justice.

Every situation of this type has a constant in common, and it is the non-desire to remain in it by the affected parties. The problems of this type of cases are usually related to disagreements in the amount of the debt, in the reason or background of the same, and of course -in the most exceptional but also frequent cases- in the irrational will of the debtor not to want pay what you owe.

En Álvarez Ramos Lawyers We have deep experience in dealing with this type of problematic matter, which is why we generally manage to solve the problem for our client, or at least, advise him to mitigate the damage as much as possible. We work with both creditors who want to collect their debt and debtors who try to defend themselves in some way, and we use our knowledge to know in each case what is best for each client.

If you are a debtor or creditor of any debt and are interested in our services, you can contact us through the contact details and the form below. We will send you a report without cost or commitment in which we will detail the audiovisual of your case, and you can decide with all the information whether or not you find our proposal interesting.




We obtain the necessary information from the documents provided by the client and issue a report in which, without cost or commitment, we offer a detailed quote with the concrete possibilities of the matter.


If the client agrees and within a maximum period of one week from acceptance, we deliver an extrajudicial claim addressed to the debtor in which to try to reach a friendly settlement of the matter.

Property investigation

One month after the out-of-court claim was made, we began to carry out the estate investigation of the debtor in order to mitigate its possibilities of insolvency defense.


In the event that the negotiations do not bear fruit and having found sufficient assets to settle the debt, we draft e we bring before the courts the judicial execution of the debt.



We obtain all the debt information from the documents provided by the client and issue a report in which, without cost or commitment, we offer a detailed quote and the concrete possibilities of the matter.


We carry out a detailed debt analysis and the contract that has created it legally, and we study the possibility of legitimately refusing to pay for any type of illegal or abusive situation.


We negotiate with creditors the possibilities of adopting any type of agreement that may be convenient for the interests of our client, with more or less payment of the debt.


In the event that the debt is legally required, we defend and represent our client with the idea of ​​incurring the least possible expenses both in procedural costs and in the payment of the debt itself.

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